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Product Brands Cosmos


  • Single Compression Cable Glands
  • Double Compression Weatherproof Cable Glands
  • Double Compression Flameproof Cable Glands
  • Flange Type Cable Glands
  • PG Type Cable Glands
  • BW Type Cable Glands
  • CW Type Cable Glands with outer seal
  • Wiping Glands
  • Accessories for Glands













Cosmos Cables Glands


Welcome to the world of Electrical industry which starts from Energy Production - Generation - Distribution - Consumption etc. All activities are carried out by varied types, shapes & sizes of cables which need to be fixed / held technically firmly in its place - "COSMOS - GLANDS" comes in your mind as a right choice to fix your cables firmly at all stages.


We have complete in house testing facility to test all the type of cable glands as per BS 6121 & IS 12943 for the test like PROOF TORQUE, TENSILE TEST, EAL TEST & ELECTRICAL CONTINUITY TEST.


Glands are readily available in BRASS as per IS 319. Alternative Material are also Available like ALUMINIUM, MILD STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL on Request.


Brass Gland are generally Supplied With NICKEL Plating & on Request, can be Supplied with TIN, CADNIUM, CHROME Plating.


For single compression Heavy Duty SCG Glands are supplied with METRIC THREAD. For single compression, medium duty and double compression WEATHER PROOF & FLAME PROOF glands are supplied with BSC THREADS. Other nipple Entry THREAD are available upon Request like NPT, PG, PF, BSP, etc.


Select Appropriate Gland from our Selection Chart Guide by Checking the Actual cable dimensions or by Referring to the Specified Cable or on the Basis of Cable Overall diameter.


Accessories like P.V.C. SHROUDS, BRASS EARTH TAG, STOPING PLUG, ADAPTOR, REDUCER are supplied Separately and should be Specified at the time of the Order.






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